Campers and Exhibitors


All exhibitors must enter and check in at the "Unloading/Camping Gate" before unloading. You will be directed where to display your exhibit and where to unload. After unloading, please register all equipment brought to our show.

Members of our organization are insured under the Association's insurance policy.

  • Non-members can join the Association for the remainder of the membership year for $25.00 (includes newsletter and all activities)   or
  • Non-members must sign an insurance waiver stating that they are self-insured, but by doing so accept all liability in the event of damage, injury or loss.

You will be given a special multi-day admission wrist band when you register your exhibit. If you are a member, you will also be given a number of additional wrist bands.

  • Members will receive one wrist band for their spouse and one wrist band for each child under 19. Adult children must purchase wrist bands.
  • Non-members do not receive any extra wrist bands.

All persons on the show grounds MUST wear a wrist band at all times. After unloading, all trailers are parked in a special parking lot and you will park your tow vehicle in the guest parking lot. Your wrist band will allow you to enter the show grounds after you park your tow vehicle. No vehicle or trailer (except gas engine displays and campers) can park in any of the show ground areas without special permission. Campground permits are available when you register.

Flea Marketers & Crafters
For information on flea market spaces, contact - Kim Schaefer (708)283-4190 

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